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Spa Lanka | Mobile App

Spa Lanka is a mobile app for Dialog, Hutch, Etisalat and Airtel users. If you are a user of these mobile networks of Sri Lanka, you can si...


Our site is a directory for spa in Colombo and other massage centers in other districts of Sri Lanka. Also, we try to give user friendly experience to viewers. You can see that our site is not only give contact details of massage centers, but reviews and ratings too. So far, we have reviewed a few centers, and hopefully will cover all step by step. Also, we do give elaborately details. In addition, we write articles for better understanding.

This page will give a summary with the links, and you can click them for more details.

Articles on spa and massage centers

Spa and massage centers

Massage in Colombo and other districts
This is an introduction to the site. We urge all viewers to see it first and move for next. It tells how our site works. Also, it gives ideas on spas system in Sri Lanka and law regards to massage center related. Click HERE for more details.

Spa / Massage in Colombo
This can give you basic information about Colombo. Also, it lists all spas in Colombo cities and suburbs. Click HERE

Spa in Jaffna
It gives you the spa setup in Jaffna. [More details]

Spa Lanka
Spa Lanka - it is a mobile app. Once you register, you will get regular updates about spa and massage centers in Sri Lanka.

Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurvedic massage is a part of traditional Ayurveda alternative medicine. It developed in India from prehistoric time.

Reflexology is a type or method of massage. Through feet, hands and ears, we can connect to the whole body and its each area. Therefore, these points can reflect entire body.

Top 10 spas Colombo by TripAdvisor 
TripAdvisor is a famous website for reviewing travel related subject including spas and massage centers. In this list you can find Top 10 spas in Colombo, probably a list of top 10 massage centers in Sri Lanka.

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