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Fantasy Spa

Fantasy Spa offers full body massage for ladies in Kandy and Colombo City. Therapist could able to visit clients' homes or hotels in Colombo and Kandy. This is specially designed for females. The massage will take 2 hours that could benefit them by bring down depression, relaxation and more. To know more available services, kindly send SMS / WhatsApp messsage to +94723596859.

Fantasy Spa
Fantasy Spa | Colombo & Kandy
If you would like to get service in Colombo or Kandy, you could call and book. It is better to set appointment 2 days notice. The service is ONLY available for ladies , NOT for gents (Previously, it had service for men and now it is not available). For more information, booking and clarifications call on 072 3586859. Also, you could SMS and introduce yourself and as well as use WhatsApp with the same number.

Fantasy spa have been commenced in 2008 by a trained therapist.

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  1. This is to clear your doubt about the FANTASY SPA. Read carefully and keep in your mind. The Address is correct because I work at this place. Number of telephone calls have been a nuisance and all the massage fans in the country calling so I have to restrict the number of massive phone calls. . Mainly this service is available for Ladies only and I am restricted to the female clients. I do not need walk-in customers and I accept early bookings at least with two days’ notice. The explanations will be done over the phone about the payment methods and the appointment time. I do Hotel and home visits only therefore i do not need any walk-in-customers as I do not expect them. Land line is not necessary for me because I am on the move frequently. Please type in the browse as “Fantasy Spa Colombo a” and search for it. The best way is send me a SMS and introduce yourself and mention the clients name and I will accept or try whatsApp +94723596859

  2. Yes... Fantasy Spa is a kind of fantastic in Spa Lanka ,last Sunday visited and got a full body oil massage in Kandy branch.but I have an idea that why I travel to Singapore in next month?

    1. You could be visited other spa. Actually, this is home and hotel visit that available only for ladies now.


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