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Jerad VIP SPA (Only for ladies)

Jerad VIP SPA is a massage treatment service for ladies / girls only. It conducts by a 28-years old young man who can do professional massa...


Are you a good therapist? Do you expect a job in spa or massage center? Or, are you owner of a spa and looking for a therapist? If you say “yes”, keep reading and it could satisfy you that what you are looking for.

Due to heavy request from our Facebook page, we start this page. If you are looking for job or employee, you can use “Conduct from” from our site. Also, you could approach via our Facebook page. When you send your request, do not forget to send some basic information and your expectations.

We concern a lot about privacy and law & enforcement issues. Therefore, we will not share information with anyone easily unless we found them as right party. We give 100% confidence. Once we found as real person who seek for job / therapist, we will initiate the basic discussion. If all goes right, we will mediate both parties and say away. However, we never guarantee anyone. It is all up to you. We will never take responsibility.

When you send request, we will not response unless there is further needs. We already have some requests and ready to share with right person.  We try to mediate your request and we are not owner of any spas / massage centers.

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