Siddhalepa Ayuverdic Spa

Unlike other spas, Siddhalepa Ayuverdic Spa has historical Ayurveda practice in Sri Lanka, and it provides a wide range of traditional therapy packages which is focused to cure illness and health issues. Also, it has resorts with experts, consultants and therapists. The spa can tailor packages for individual needs and apply with only pure natural products.

Siddhalepa Spa
Siddhalepa Ayuverdic Spa

Siddhalepa Ayuverdic Spa has some branches in the island. Each of them has specialties and unique service with different facilities.

Siddhalepa Spa in Cinnamon Gardens

Spa in Cinnamon Gardens is the flagship spa of Siddhalepa.  It offers authentic Ayurveda consultations and treatments in an ambiance of five-star luxury, and it has various treatment packages such as half-foot therapy, special treatment, signature treatment for skin toning, full-day package with traditional lunch and more.  The spa opens from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The address is No. 33, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07. Telephone number is 011 2698161.

Siddhalepa Ayuverda Health Resort in Wadduwa

Siddhalepa Ayuverda Health Resort functions in Wadduwa where you could enjoy natural atmosphere with spa. As per other branches, you could select a suitable package. The address is Samanthara Road, Pothupitiya, Wadduwa. Telephone number is 038 2296967.

Siddhalepa Anarva in Mount Lavinia

The Anarva Siddhalepa provides health and wellness facilities at the Hotel Anarva in Mount Lavinia. The spa is located on the 2nd Floor with six rooms that look upon Indian Ocean. Also, it has consultation room, herbal steam bath facility and relaxation corner. Notably, it has a sauna and a foot spa with pebble walk and colorful environment.

Siddhalepa spas, Colombo International Airport

Serendib transit lounge at Colombo International Airport offers free Ayurvedic massage treatments.

Transit Hotel at Colombo International Airport offers various treatments that include body reviver, neck, back & shoulder massage, frequent flyer foot bliss, jet set neck, head & shoulder de-stressor and refreshing face & hand ritual. Telephone number is 011 2265186.

Anarva Ayurveda Spa has treatments facilities for frequent travelers at Departure Lounge of Colombo International Airport. It opens for 24 hours. It also offers services like Serendib transit lounge at Colombo International Airport. Telephone number is 011 2736910.

Foot Comfot | spa in Negombo

Foot Comfot is a spa in Negombo. Also, the spa functions under Global Towers Hotel in Wellawatte, Colombo 06, and it has branches in other places too such as Bampalapitiya. The name of spa seems wrong and you could spell as Foot Comfort. However, it is name is Foot Comfot. The spa is specialized for foot therapy, known as pedicure. However, it provides other massage services too such as head & shoulder massage, face massage and more.

Foot Comfot – spa in Negombo
Foot Comfot | spa in Negombo

The Foot Comfot opens by 8:30 am and closes by midnight. Entrance fee is LKR 2,500.00 that covers full body massage for 1 ½ hours. For further information/service, visit to No. 51, Tamitta Road, Galison Mawatha, Negombo. You can call the spa on 077 0100490 or 077 3409662. For Global Towers Hotel, call on 011 4973344 or visit to 11, Station road, Marine drive, Wellawatte, Colombo 6.

Foot Comfot spa at Global Towers Hotel, Wellawatte
Foot Comfot spa at Global Towers Hotel, Wellawatte.
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Healing Palm Spa & Massage

Healing Palm Spa & Massage is located in Bambalapitiya. The spa provides various massage treatments such as Korean acupressure therapy, Anma massage and more.

Healing Palm Spa & Massage
Healing Palm Spa & Massage

For treatment and information, visit to No. 35, Frankfurt place, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 04. You can call the spa for clarifications and its numbers are 011 2502117 and 077 6513200.

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