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Free Download

Our site would like to share some free digital products such pictures, software, etc. We have published some images here under CC BY 4.0 license. Therefore, you are freely download and use. A few images are available in Wikipedia under same license.

Pictures & Images

Please note that here many images are used as under fair-use policy. In the United States and Sri Lanka, this concept allows using certain copyrighted material without the copyright owner's permission. Therefore, you are advised not to download such images from here. You can download own photographed images and own deigned pictures.  If you need clarifications, comment on a specific post, and we do the best to answer you.

Spa Screen Saver

Spa Screen Saver is a freeware. You can download by click this link. This can work in many Windows OS versions.

Spa Screen Saver
Sample screenshot of Spa Screen Saver
System requirement and file information:
  • File: 461 KB (Zip file)
  • Operating System: Mostly on current Windows OS versions. Eg: Windows 7
  • RAM:  512 KB
How to install:
  • Download the zip file to your computer.
  • Extract/unzip the zip file.
  • Open "Spa Screen Saver" folder after unzip the file.
  • Right click on "Spa Screen Saver.scr" file and select "Install".
  • "Screen Saver Setting" popup window will open.
  • You can select time and other settings and click OK button.

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